Supersizers Go: The American South

In the last week, I’ve mainlined every episode of Supersizers Go, a British TV program in which restaurant critic Giles Corren and comedian Sue Perkins get medically tested, then dress up in costumes and eat the food they would have eaten during various periods of history, such as ancient Rome or wartime Britain. They get tested again at week’s end to see what damage the foods of bygone eras have done to their health.

Originally, I thought today’s blog post would be about how I learned to cook. (It was in self-defense.) Then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be funny if Giles Corren had to eat the food I grew up on? Wouldn’t Sue Perkins make amazing faces?” (Sue Perkins makes the best faces.)

So here I present a loving parody of my newest favorite TV show. I call it Supersizers Go: The American South.

Casting spoiler: I play the chef.

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