The Imitation Game, Bitch Planet, and Elementary: Media Miscellany!

Lately I’ve had so many ideas for new blog posts that decision anxiety has stopped me committing to any of them!

“What do my readers crave? A review of The Imitation Game, the first movie I’ve been to see in a theater since Iron Man 3? Incoherent babbling about how much I love the current season of Elementary? A pros and cons list of whether I should get an undercut? Photo post of me posing with both issues of Bitch Planet?”

Back in the days of LiveJournal, I could have settled this with a quick poll. But Word Press, and indeed every blogging tool I’ve worked with, is inferior to what LiveJournal was before it turned into a wasteland inhabited only by Russian spambots. So, since I cannot quickly and conveniently determine your desires with the resources available to me, I’ll just have to dump everything on you at once and hope everyone gets what they need out of it.

Reviews with minor spoilers for The Imitation Game, Elementary, Bitch Planet, and my ultimate decision re: cutting my hair below the read more.

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